Leistungen für Investoren

We know very well that there is no shortage of asset managers and those who claim to be. We do not assume that you have been waiting for us. However, our experience has shown that most asset managers either lack the patience to explore their markets, take the wrong products […] ] Read More »


Leistungen für Consultants

Don’t be afraid – we are not another consultant ! Consultants help our clients to put the puzzle together and – as they are employed by our clients – as consultants you clearly are one way to access our target clients. Traditionally, the instititutional market in Germany has been established and maintained by […] Read More »

Asset Managers

Leistungen frü Asset Manager

What do we do for you? We are not the typical “third party marketeer” but are your outsourced local sales and marketing people. View us as the sales and marketing division farmed out to people who know their markets well and definitely better than you do. For a fraction of […] Read More »

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