Convexity and the “IHK”

In April 2022 I told you about the forthcoming elections of the local Chamber of Commerce (“IHK”) in Berlin. I also begged not to ignore the election. The last election in 2017 had a participation rate of just more than 9% of the 315.000 eligible companies. To me, that was appalingly low. I tried to motivate people but failed.  The turnout this year was even lower at just over 6%. Any democracy that has such a turnout for their general election would be highly embarrassed.

I also did not manage to get more than 332 votes. I missed by just 100.

In any case the real winner is the IHK itself. Yet another person seeking major reforms at this institution in Berlin has failed to win a seat. Now, all of the 300 employees of the IHK may continue their jobs for the next five years and see the eyes roll backwards of anyone talking about the IHK Berlin…