Leistungen für Consultants


Service for Consultants

Don’t be afraid – we are not another consultant !

Consultants help our clients to put the puzzle together and – as they are employed by our clients – as consultants you clearly are one way to access our target clients. Traditionally, the instititutional market in Germany has been established and maintained by a bilateral arrangement between asset manager and clients; the complexity of the market has invited a number of consultants to perform manager searches for their clients. Thus, we believe that over time the importance of consultants might grow. In addition to that the trend towards a modular concept (“best of breed”) will also lead to a greater use of consultants.

As we represent a number of asset managers on a non-compete basis in a number of asset classes we are not competition to consultants. We are paid on a success-fee basis by the managers we represent but do not give our clients the choice of different managers in “our” asset classes or segments.

We clearly explain our goals (including the remuneration) towards our clients and make it very clear that we cannot provide the manager selection process to our clients because we do not offer a choice in any of the segments.

So, dear consultant, don’t be afraid !

We would welcome any opportunity to pitch our case with you !