About Convexity

About ConvexityAt point zero…

… we were convinced there MUST be a better business model than that of the typical (not only US-) asset management firms to enter a market with a big bang and a shee endless budget. Then, – what a surprise – all non-surprising and totally expected cost ate the budget faster than anticipated and – they disappear in oblivion.

Where did we get the name from ?

Sure, you recall “convexity” when you were sitting at school puzzled by geometry and may-be later when your optician fitted you with an extra set of eyes. In our case, we were thrilled by the concept in financial math. Whilst “convexity” in optometry bundle light and help – at least the shortsighted people – to enjoy better vision. On top, convex lenses look like old-fashioned bridges. “Convexity” in our business combines more vision with something highly desirable. And whilst strictly speaking convexity is found (and can be bought) in bond funds and fixed income fund management, it is something highly desireable for all of your fundmanagement issues. Look at it as it it were the Alpha in fixed income markets. You cannot get enough of it.

We want to carry this concept into the world of asset management. Nomen est omen.

Our Mission Statement

We have committed to deliver excellence in an excellent fashion. Transparity and consistency are integral parts of our business. Integrity wraps it all up.

Leider können wir nicht garantieren, daß die von uns vermittelten Produkte immer Ihren Vorstellungen von Wertschöpfung entsprechen.

… for clients and investors …

we shall aim to deliver tailor made products that really suit you. It may not be a “wet suit” but it will match your current investment desire. This should ultimately assist you in doing a better job and becoming even more successful in your organisation. We cannot guarantee specific returns but we shall discuss all aspects on what may go wrong or what the drivers of these investments are.

… for asset managers …

We shall aim to become your business partner delivering excellence in asset management products and services to German speaking institutional investors. We have not started and do not aim to sell products but endeavour to explore possibilities to identify suitable investment opportunities in a dialogue with your future clients.

We shall be your local partner. We have high expectations of your ability to deliver excellence and count on your thorough and strategic desire to become part of the German scene. You may also expect excellence and dedication.