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  • Convexity and the “IHK”

    In April 2022 I told you about the forthcoming elections of the local Chamber of Commerce (“IHK”) in Berlin. I also begged not to ignore the election. The last election in 2017 had a participation rate of just more than 9% of the 315.000 eligible companies. To me, that was appalingly low. I tried to…

  • Convexity hitting Berlin !!!

    In 2014, Convexity moved to the centre of gravity (at least political) in Germany – Berlin and is up and running in this exciting city. It is so exciting you might have been wondering why we did not move here sooner… Our address is Hubertusbader Strasse 24 14193 Berlin and on google maps you’ll find…

  • Convexity R4 back home

        The Convexity sponsored R4 has now returned home. Driver, Co-Pilot and the car in wonderful conditions. Lots of fond memories taken home and lots of school supplies left behind in Morocco