Leistungen für Investoren



We know very well that there is no shortage of asset managers and those who claim to be. We do not assume that you have been waiting for us. However, our experience has shown that most asset managers either lack the patience to explore their markets, take the wrong products to a market or like to impose their own way (“it’s either my way or the highway”) onto a market. We take a different route. Our client is the investor. He is the one we care for. We offer him a choice of different products from different producers. We furnish you with those products in the wrapping you need it in. It may be an advisory mandate, it may be a subcontracting- or white labelling arrangement, it may be an on- or offshore mutual or closed-end fund. Whatever you want. We aim to please.

Investment Independence will be rewarding for you

With our dedication to the client we follow a unique business model. You are running the “show”, determine what you want, how fast you want it and the shape you want it. In case you cannot find the answer to all your questions on this site we are sorry. However, it may have been quite deliberate. We want to talk to you and listen. Your interest in our setup, your patience are of utmost importance to us. The same applies to our principals whose interests we represent.
We welcome any opportunity to talk. If you’re interested in conventional wisdom, don’t bother. Ideas and unconventional opinions and solutions are made and delivered by Convexity.

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